Womanfest has been sponsoring programs, workshops, lectures, concerts, International Women's Day celebrations, and other empowering community events for women of the Olympic Peninsula since 1983. The organization provides financial support to a variety of women-centered projects, and directly supports women's educational goals. Local (Olympic Peninsula) women may apply for awards with the on-line application and may be awarded for a wide variety of projects, activities, event costs or educational expenses. Typical awards are in the area of $100 to $500 and applications are accepted continuously.

Awards have often honored the memory of Clara Carlson. She was a longtime Port Angeles, WA resident and nurse who worked passionately to inform and involve women in the political process. Her relentless advocacy for women's rights continued until her death in 2009 at the age of 102. Clara was a highly intelligent, well-read, free thinker with a passion for progressive politics. She was also an early member of Womanfest.

Primary funding for the grants comes from the annual Womanfest Fall Retreat at Camp David Jr. The retreat also provides a unique opportunity for women of all ages to come together in a relaxed, supportive, and fun environment. The 2017 Retreat will take place September 22, 23, 24.

For additional information about Womanfest, the grant program, or the annual retreat contact Cindy Moore at 360.808.3289 or scinmoore@msn.com or Sheila Martin at 360.775.7663 or sheilam@olypen.com.