Clara Carlson attended her first Womanfest Fall Retreat at the age of 77 years. In 2006 At the age of 100, she wrote the following poem about the annual Womanfest Fall Retreat:

A Special Place

I know a place,
A Special place,
A peopled place,
A place peopled with women.

Women come to this place
To rest a while,
To sleep, to dream,
To sing,
To dance,
Or walk in the woods.

In this magical place
One speaks and is heard.
Speech and opinion are free.
Sorrowing hearts are bared,
And offered surcease.
Humorous tales elicit ready laughs.

Fashion is no arbiter in this place.
A body is wrapped around,
With comfortable tolerance,
And loving hearts and hands.

Here, as nowhere else,
A stranger is a loving friend.
And when, at last, you say goodbye,
In a circle of joined hands
You carry away
A feeling of healing,
and wholeness,
That is uniquely yours.
And you carry it home with you,
For it is yours forever.

Clara Carlson 2006