What is Camp David Junior?
It is one of the finest outdoor recreation resident camps in the state. The facilities include a beautiful main lodge (full of historical elk horn chandeliers and paintings) kitchen/dining facilities, eight sleeping cabins, two group restrooms (accessible), one staff duplex, a beach cabin, swimming area, fishing dock, grass play field, manager’s residence, and 8.75 acres of Lake Crescent waterfront property. For more information please visit the Camp David Junior website.

What are the bathroom facilities like at Camp David Junior?
There are two group restrooms (accessible) within easy walking distance of the sleeping cabins. Two of the sleeping cabins include inside bathrooms. Those cabins are the Beach Cabin (very popular) and the upper floor of the staff duplex (aka Nurses cabin). There is also a bathroom with shower stalls in the lower level of the Lodge.

Are there stairs at Camp David Junior?

Yes, there are stairs to reach the lower level of the Lodge which houses the showers and a seldom used activity room. Most of the group activities are on the upper floor of the lodge which is on the same level as one of the group bathrooms, The other bathroom is easily reached without any stairs. Several of the sleeping cabins are on the same level as the group bathrooms.

If I can’t navigate the stairs, can I get to the Beach?

You can reach the beach at the lakefront without taking the stairs by walking or driving down the road at the east end of the parking lot.

Is the retreat wheel chair accessible?
Somewhat, but if you are confined to a wheelchair, your arms may get pretty tired as the pathways are dirt and the camp is built on a steeply sloping site. Both group bathrooms are accessible.

What kind of food is served at the retreat?
Mostly vegetarian with some gluten free options. If you need special food, please bring what you need. There is ample storage space for cold, frozen and pantry items in the lodge kitchen.

Who prepares the food?
Retreat participants prepare the meals. Menus, ingredients, and recipes are provided. On arrival, you will be asked to sign up for at least two kitchen shifts during the weekend. Food preparation and kitchen cleanup are both collaborative activities which occur throughout the weekend.

Is the Womanfest Fall Retreat associated with any religious or political organization?
No. To learn more about Womanfest please review the other pages of our website.

Who comes to the retreat?
Any woman who wants to enjoy a weekend away from the hustle and bustle of their usual everyday activities, wants to make new friends, is looking for a quiet time for herself in a social setting, or just wants to relax in the beauty of nature. Some women have been returning every fall for years. Others have never come before. Some women are local to the Olympic Peninsula, others travel from miles away.

Can electronic devices be used and recharged at Camp David Junior?
Yes, it is possible to plug in and recharge your devices. However, cell phone and internet reception is severely limited by the surrounding mountains. Occasionally, if you can find just the right spot, you may be able to make or receive a call.

What is the emergency contact information?
In case of emergency, the number at the lodge is 360-928-3206.

What are the sleeping cabins like?
The sleeping cabins are rustic wooden structures with concrete floors. Each cabin is equipped with wooden bunk beds. Each bunk has a thin foam mattresses. There are always more bunks than campers, so it is possible to use two mattresses or you may want to bring a sleeping pad. No other bedding is provided, so bring what you need. Many of the cabins have two distinct bunk rooms and a common area. There is electricity and most cabins have space heaters and at least one electrical outlet. You can view some photos on our Facebook page.